Get Mentored

Make Something Useful, We’re Here To Help

Here’s How We Can Help You.

1. Help You Build The Right Team

2. Help You Build Minimal Viable Product.

3. Test, iterate MVP with early customers.

4. Help You Test Right Marketing Chanel

5. Fine Tune Product Based On Early Customer Feedback,

6. Help You Increase Revenues & Customers

7. Optimize Spending

8. Plan For Institutional Fund Raising

9. Scale The Product, Explore Other Market

10. Help You Raise Venture Funding.

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If you’re building something really useful, and meet the following requirement. We’d love to hear from you.

1. You have an idea that is super useful for people. And you’ve already built an early version (Website, App, Service etc) of your idea.

2. You’ve a co-founder or team in place. Don’t have a co-founder no problem we’ll introduce you to the right people.

3. You’re not only looking for money, but for someone who can be there for you to talk, discuss and get feedback and advice. And also guide you in the right direction that leads to growth.

4. You’re supper passionate about building a great company and not just doing this for some quick bucks.

 Tell us a bit about you & your startup